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A.B. Dental Implants

A.B. Dental Implants - Canada:
Dr. Milli is the consultant of A.B. Dental Implants in Canada.
A.B. Dental Implants Canada:
Pay Less for the Best.

For detailed information about A.B. Dental Implants and devices, visit www.ab-dent.com.

Inquire for the special of the month.
$165 per dental implant. Buy 12 implants and get one for free.
Healing Abutments for Free.

Increase the Cash flow of your dental practice.

Pay Less for the Best Dental Implants and  devices.

Scientific Support and Seminars:
We will give you Scientific Support by internet, telephone, and private one to one demonstration .
Our scientific support will be given by:
Prof. Eli Raviv - www.ravivimplant.com

Personal and/or  group  continuing education and demonstration seminars are available with minimum cost.

Email mraviv18@gmail.com  for more information.

A.B. Dental Implants manufactures and markets "smart " dental  implants and devices.

The  company's wide range of products are manufactured using advanced processes, superior technology and accurate inspection processes.
The production is conducted under the strictest and highest-quality control. 

A.B. Dental Devices   provides: the dental implant, rehab.ilitation components and all peripheral equipment required for surgical care and oral restoration.

A.B. Dental Devices has set up a state-of-the-art & efficient plan for supply and marketing for its hundreds of  doctors/customers worldwide.

A.B. Dental Devices has an international reputation. 
A.B. Dental Devices has been manufacturing Dental Implants for many years. 
A.B. Dental Devices sell their implants throughout  the world. Their biggest market is in the US and  Europe and in January 2008 started the sales in Canada.

Over 100,000 Dental Implants have already been implanted in patients Oral Cavity until today.
A.B. Dental Devices have proven great success.
Uniquely A.B. Dental Devices have worldwide patents that enable them to offer aesthetic solutions at the Highest Top Quality.
For more specific details: www.ab-dent.com


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