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About Dr. Milli

Dr. Milli graduated as a Dentist in 1981 and in 1984 obtained a specialty diploma in Oral Medicine.

Oral Medicine is the science of general diseases that manifest in the oral cavity.

There are approximately 200 lesions or diseases in the Oral Cavity.

During her teaching at academic institutions, Dr. Milli's sub-specialty and concentration was on manifestation of diseases in the Oral cavity due to nutritional deficiencies or oral lesions, with a nutritional background, as well as fungal infections of the mouth (oral cavity).

In order to do so, Dr. Milli participated in international multi-center scientific research in different nutritional areas. Dr. Milli also published numerous peer reviewed articles.

The following are examples of relevant research projects:

Zinc and changes in Taste (Taste disorders dysgeusia among the elderly population)
Essential fatty acids ("Omega 3, 6, 9") and saliva problems (dry mouth)
Vitamin A in skin diseases (Lichen Planus)
Chewing Tobacco ("snuff") and Oral Cancer
Sulfur and bad breath - "Halitosis"
Candida manifestation of the oral cavity
Fungal infections of the nail

Then Dr. Milli's interest in nutrition, natural health supplements, and alternative medicine arose.

Dr. Milli studied natural health and nutrition, received a diploma, and continued to research innovative and qualified new supplements and new natural health approaches.

With time, she started to help patients and to consult them for different health situations.

Dr. Milli's current approach and management is to achieve the optimum in personal health, fitness and wellness.

In addition to being a dentist, a member of the Holistic Quebec Dental Association, having a private practice in dentistry and oral medicine, Dr. Milli considers it an honor and a privilege to consult clients and patients in this very important and fundamental area such as natural health and nutrition. In doing so, Dr. Milli aspires to improve their quality of life.

Dr. Milli has dedicated herself to trying to offer a lifetime of health for her patients. She helps them achieve and even exceed their health and wellness goals for themselves and for their family and loved ones.

On her specific days dedicated for health, nutrition and complementary medicine ( Dr. Milli - D.M.D, Diploma in Oral Medicine , Certificate in Health and Nutrition and member of the Holistic Dental Association), Dr. Milli tries to be a personal coach and advisor for her patients with the motto: Her patient's success is her success.

The commitment, self-discipline, and self-control of each patient grew day by day and the results were impressing.

Dr. Milli will cover every area of health and wellness through nutrition and cleansing advice for each patient and their personal needs, in order to:

Enhance the digestion and assimilation of vital nutrients to the billions of cells throughout the body, and to stimulate the removal of waste by products from these same cells that have been produced as a result of metabolism.
Realign muscles and joints,
Balance and lift internal glands and organs
Re-circulate blood and lymph fluids.
Relax muscles and joints,
Promote circulation that will aid in the delivery and absorption of nutrients and to remove and deliver waste products for elimination.
Assess feelings of anger, fear and guilt and resolve them with different natural health approaches.

Dr. Milli will act as a nutrition consultant for a patient just like a personal trainer works with an athlete.

Of course Dr. Milli does not claim to cure or to guarantee perfect health, because health is quite a complex entity with many contributing factors. Both physical and mental well-being must be achieved in order to achieve what Hippocrates believed.

Dr. Milli's Philosophy

Dr. Milli will consult her patients based on the philosophies of the great three healers: Hippocrates, Rocine and Jensen.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, the first healer teacher, believed in the human body's natural forces as the healers of diseases.

He also stressed the importance of health prevention.

Hippocrates believed that each individual has his own management. There is no one treatment for same symptoms to all the cases.

A physician should dedicate himself towards each patient, as he is his unique case.

Others followed Hippocrates like Dr. V.G. Rocine or Dr. Bernard Jensen who supported his well-being statements and even brought evidence to the general population.

They (each one in his lifetime) made observations, researches and studies and concluded that natural food is one of the key principals in fighting health problems and preventing diseases.

Rocine was a famous nutritional wisdom teacher who stressed that particular foods have particular effects on the body.

He made a link between chemical deficiencies or exercise and health.

Food can rebuild tissue that has been damaged by a disease or trauma contrary to what conventional therapy or drugs can do.

Nutrition can fight diseases, rebuild tissue, enhance energy levels and improve general wellness.

Rocine classified the foods by function:

Nerve and brain food
Strength producing food (for muscles, bones, joints)
Fats and oil (heat producers)
Eliminators and secretion stimulants

According to him, alkaline foods should be encouraged over acidic food like coffee or tea.

Foods high in sodium should be considered as the power boosters of the body.

Chlorines clean and purify the body by helping the impurities to get out of the body.

Joint problems and cracking signify that there is most likely a lack of sodium and chlorine or that there may be calcium deposits.

Lack of sodium could also result in digestive problems, constipation, central nervous system problems, morning sickness in a pregnant woman, difficulties in menstruating or absence of it.

Potassium is important. For example: potassium takes care of fat, prevents kidney problems, is good for swollen ankles, for periodic head aches, for stomach acidity and for muscle acidity.

Potassium can be found in greens, vegetables fruits and cereals.

We have to keep our body away from acid. Our system should contain mostly alkaline.

In order to obtain a well-being status, we need a diet including:

Potassium salts
Silicon (good for hair, skin, nerves, lungs, and the digestive tract). Silicon for example can be obtained from oats, barley, and alfalfa.
Magnesium (acts on the nerves and brain and has a calming effect)
Calcium - can be obtained from milk and cheese
Chlorine - can be obtained from sauerkraut
Sulfur - can be obtained from cabbage
And much more...

Dr. Bernard Jensen's health art is a combination of the above mentioned theories and his own nutritional research.

He stresses that body problems begin when dietary deficiencies occur.

The most frequent chemical element deficiency in his patients that resulted in health problems was calcium, iodine, silicon or sodium deficiency.

We should eat six servings of vegetables, two fruits, one starch serving and one good protein serving every day.

The ratio should be eighty per cent alkaline foods and twenty per cent acidic foods.

The optimum pH of the body should be slightly more than 7 (7.35-7.45).

In addition, Jensen suggested drinking juices daily and juice combinations that are good for specific body systems.

Dr. Milli will stress the importance of Glutathione (GSH) in the cells.

GSH- possibly the most important of all antioxidants, has been proven to slow the aging process, reverse hardening of arteries, inactivate viruses, prevent cancer, treat asthma and detoxify the body of numerous environmental toxins. ("The Ultimate GSH", by Dr. J. Gutman)

Dr. Milli is only giving consultations and strongly encourages that all patients continue to visit their general physician, and to continue the treatment given by their doctors.

In addition to the treatment the patient already has from his physician, Dr. Milli will suggest trying some of her favorite supplements in order to achieve a better quality of life. Copyright © drmilli.com