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Learning Center - Beauty Feet based on Pine Products

The best products in the world for the treatment of :

Dry, split, cracks or fissures, ulcers and cuts of the soles of the feet.

The products are approved by many Diabetes Associations around the world.

The products will prevent and cure cracked skin, ulcers or cuts (symptomatic or not) of diabetic and non diabetic populations. They are used by many Podiatrists, Dermatologists and Foot Care Therapists around the world.

•  100% natural

•  Unique formula based on “Pine Silvestrici” tree extract, Aloe V era, Fatty Acids and Vitamins.

•  Anti bacterial

•  Antiseptic

•  Remove sole's and ankle's dead skin cells

•  Nourishes sole and ankle skin

•  Moisturizes sole and ankle skin

•  Increases sole and ankle skin elasticity and softens the skin

•  Rejuvenates the skin cells of the sole

•  Accelerates the healing process

•  No side effects!

Results noticeable following one week of regular use.

There are 3 different Packaging products:

1) Beauty Feet Roll On

2) Beauty Feet Spray

3) Beauty Feet Gel - moisturizes - ideal for follow-ups after initial use of the Spray and /or Roll-on.


Start using the Beauty Feet Spray or Roll-On daily for the first month. Apply product to the sole of the foot (clean and dry) and massage it gently into the skin.

Repeat this once a day for the first three weeks, then decrease the application to twice a week.

After using the product for one month, you can switch to the Beauty Feet Gel and use it on a regular basis - twice a week. Your sole skin will be soft and healthy.


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