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Manuka Oil-Health Benefits

Tairawhiti Pharmaceuticals, located at Te Araroa on the rugged and remote East Cape of New Zealand have been distilling and promoting Manuka Oil since 1992 when Laboratory tests identified that a small area of the East Cape of the north island contained an unusual type of Manuka tree with powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties.

The Cawthron Institute testing showed East Cape Manuka Oil to be active against a wide range of micro-organisms that cause irritation and infection of the skin and body. Some of them serious such as MRSA (more commonly known as the H-bug) and other more common ones such as those that cause Athletes foot . The Cawthron concluded that East Cape Manuka Oil was 20 - 30 times more active than Australian Tea tree Oil “ for gram positive bacteria. Further testing has confirmed that East Cape Manuka Oil is effective in combatting bacteria including those associated with acne, and foot and body odour.

Aromatherapy researchers have found this unique Manuka Oil to have antibacterial /antifungal, anti-allergenic and anti inflammatory properties and to therefore help in the relief of “skin, mucous membrane and rheumatic ailments.” They have found it to be well tolerated by the skin and to be helpful for itchy and irritated skin and scalp. For the pysche it is reported to be beneficial for stress, nervousness and anxiety .

The Manuka Tree (Leptospermum Scoparium)has long been valued for its healing properties by the Maori people - the indigenous people of “Aotearoa” (New Zealand ) . Infusions and poultices were made from the leaves and inner bark and the seed capsules and sap were chewed . Early european migrants produced a tea from Manuka leaves for refreshment and health.

The Manuka tree also produces a nectar that the bees turn into a rich amber honey . Manuka honey is also well known for its curative properties and once again the East Cape has been shown to be the home of high activity Manuka honey.


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