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Learning Center - Lavilin - Long Lasting Natural Deodorant

A unique formula, based on natural extracts.

Exists on the world market for more than 25 years.

A small amount of cream is enough to eliminate the perspiration odor for 5-7 days.

Developed at Hlavin Cosmetics Laboratories “Lavilin” laid the foundation for the company's success as an innovative leader in international cosmetics.

This internationally patented preparation effectively combats perspiration odor.

It is useful for both men and women. No more need to purchase Deodorant for men or deodorant for women. One deodorant for the entire family.
The human body perspires and it is a physiologic way to eliminate the body wastes.

The odor occurs as a result of bacteria activity. Proteins and fats, which make up 15 percent of perspiration fluids, are consumed by bacteria. The by-products created by this process grow, multiply and decompose to create perspiration odor.

Lavilin kills this bacteria thereby effectively eliminating unpleasant odor.

Lavilin is based on natural components like flowers, which act in conjunction with natural oils.

There are NO chemical agents in lavilin.

The cream-deodorant does not contain alcohol .

It is suitable for sensitive skin. What is most important, unlike the majority of anti-prespirants and deodorants worldwide, Lavilin is Aluminum free. Special researches show that Aluminum could be harmful to human health.
Lavilin is water proof and frees you from the embarrassment of unpleasant perspiration odor regardless of the amount and extent of physical activity. It allows you to bathe, swim, exercise and engage in strenuous sports. Whatever you do, whatever the weather, Lavilin leaves you “odor free”.

The feet sweating and the appearing odor always were a serious problem that people suffered from and could solve for centuries, irrespective of what climate they lived in or how well they kept their hygiene.

“Lavilin Foot Cream-Deodorant” serves as an effective, reliable, and easy-to-use product that eliminates the foot perspiration odor.

It is unique and innovative.

“Lavilin Foot Cream-Deodorant” is effective same as the underarm lavilin for the period of 5-7 days.

Lavilin Medically Tested

Lavilin's deodorant has been documented in several studies.

One such study was conducted by doctors at the Institute for Medical Research in a hospital in Europel. Another was conducted by an independent medical research laboratory (La Rocca) in the United States . Over a period of 15 days, 100 people used Lavilin deodorant and were tested under different climatic conditions - hot and humid, and hot and dry. A single effective application worked for 4-15 days. Other irritation tests results show that Lavilin deodorant did not cause any skin irritation in all the subjects tested.

Lavilin is safe and Aluminum free

Lavilin is aluminum and alcohol free.

It treats the problem of perspiration odor by killing the bacteria which cause perspiration odor, not by clogging pores with chemicals.

It does not have perfumes in it.

Lavilin is cost efficient

One jar of Lavilin lasts approximately 6 months.

A very small amount, roughly the size of a pea, is necessary for Lavilin to attain its maximum efficiency. Lavilin saves you money.

How to use Lavilin:

Wash underarm area and dry thoroughly. For each underarm, place on your fingertip a small amount of Lavlilin Hypo-allergenic, equivalent in size to a Pea. Spread gently in the center of the underarm area. This amount is sufficient to prevent perspiration odor for 5-7 days.

(each individual has his own duration of odor free)

Re-apply Lavilin Hypo-allergenic only when perspiration odor reappears. Do not apply after shaving, or to broken skin.

Do not use other deodorants while using Lavilin.

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