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Nail Restorer

A naturally based product containing Arnica extracts, Minerals, and Oregano.

Oregano is a natural ether oil rich with Thymol, known for it's exceptional antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.  

This product is easy to use (brush your nails like nail polish) and effective in the restoration of damaged nails.  It restores the nail to its original state.  This product has outstanding clinical and laboratory results.  It is a miraculous product.

By using this product, there is no more need for systemic medications such as Lamisil, Sporanox or to take blood tests to check medication side effects. 

  Restores the nail to its original way of being !
  why this product is the best?
  Today most  nail problems are related to fungus infections
  It is very hard to cure Nail fungus problems.
  What is available today in this market?
  Dermatologists and Podiatrists ( foot doctors)
  are treating these problems by giving their patients to swallow systemic  medications ( pills) that kills the fungi
  Which pills?
  " Lamisil"
  " Sporanox"
  The patients have to take it for several months !
  until a new nail is formed
   In addition the doctors ask their patients to do blood tests every month in order to check their LIVER function...
  This is done in order to prevent Liver diseases or elevation of Liver enzymes
  Dr. Milli Nail Restorer product :
  -It is topical application ( like nail polish)
  -It is Natural made mainly by high concentration of Oregano ( the Pizza spice) that kills every alive species
  -No side effects
  -Safe to use
  -Good for men, women , children and youth
  -Used by Dermatologists and Podiatrists
  -Restores the nail to its original way of being

This product has high penetration, evaporates and dries fast and has a tolerable Oregano smell.

By using this unique product and by following the exact instructions, a new healthy nail will grow with time.

How long it will take until you get a new healthy nail?  

That depends on the level of your nail growth.  

For some people, the level of nail growth is faster than for others.  

It also depends where your nail problem is located.  Is it on your hands or feet?  

The hands nail fungus will be eliminated faster than the foot nail fungus.  

This amazing  product is very easy to use and has a pleasant smell.



1. Cut infected nails as much as possible

2. Brush the infected nails with Dr. Milli's Nail Restorer twice a day, morning and evening.  It takes a few seconds to dry

3. File the infected nail surface once a week for better absorption of Dr. Milli's Nail Restorer

4. Trim the new nail every 2 weeks

5. Continue to use the present product for two months after a new healthy nail is formed. ( This is done in order to prevent reoccurrence).


To see clinical cases that were treated at Dr. Milli's Nail Fungus Clinic, follow the link below to the Learning Center.

Learning Center - Nail Restorer                                                                                   


Product #: 2a

Size: 15 ml bottle

This product is unique and innovative
It is sold  only through Doctors and Health Care Professionals, To inquire about sales points in your area please write an email.

    To order email us: mailto:mraviv18@gmail.com


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